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Drilling, Casing & Flashing

Borehole drilling is a form of water well drilling that involves digging deep into the ground to access under-ground water using sophisticated
equipment and machines namely borehole drilling rigs. We proceed with this process after conducting a geo-water survey and siting, in line with the Surveyor’s recommendations and subsequently reinforce the borehole with PVC casing to securely maintain the structural support of the well. We have advanced borehole drilling rigs that have the ability to drill sustainable boreholes up to a maximum depth of 150 meters underground, in order to access self-sufficient fresh water supply suitable for both domestic and commercial/industrial use. Lastly, the borehole is flushed after reaching the recommended or preferred depth. Flushing is a process used to remove the waste material that has been cut away in the drilling process i.e. crushed rock/stone that needs to be removed from the borehole